What the April 21st Google Update Means to Your Business

Google has been rolling out lots of changes to apps, Google Play and the presentation of mobile search engine results all in preparation for a larger algorithm release that is scheduled to be released on or around April 21st.  As we learned from past Google algorithm changes (Penguin and Panda), these updates can greatly impact where your site ranks in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The update set to be released on April 21st is focused on providing a better search experience for mobile users. To accomplish this, Google will be “expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” … Continue Reading

Twitter Branding – Forced compliance?

Most people would recognize the icons above. Most associate the cute little bird and the lowercase blue “t” with Twitter. For a company that has done little advertising the world seems to know and recognize the Twitter brand; even when it is contorted, stretched or incorporated into another image. Part of the fun with Twitter is that you can add your own personality. Your twitter feed is about you and your reactions to the world. Well, Twitter is finally starting to reign in the creativity when it comes to … Continue Reading

Leaving an Effective Voicemail Message

I recently responded to a dealer’s question as to whether or not he should leave a voicemail response when making a prospecting phone call. My gut response was: “Why wouldn’t you?”. Then it occurred to me that question behind the question was really: “Why should I leave a voice mail when it is unlikely that I will get a call back?”

Based on that question, my response would be the same, but with some additional information. Why would you take the time to make a call and then hang up when you go to voicemail? Of course you want to leave … Continue Reading

Every Social Media Icon You’ll Ever Need

Since we started posting directions on how to add social media icons to various email client signatures, we’ve been getting request to post icons for other social media outlets.

So here it is! Just about every social media icon you could ever want!

Note: Type in the code from the image below. Sorry you can’t copy and paste it. The code should be all on one line. Line breaks in the images are arbitrary due to the size of the page.

If you need to copy and paste – download the PDF to copy the code.

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Content Organization

Quality content is an absolute necessity for a successful website. Any web-savvy person could tell you that without decent content, a website will actually hurt your business, driving customers away. We’ve written about the importance of writing quality content before on this blog, but what does that mean? What qualifies as “Quality Content”? There is no simple answer, but there are a few basic things you can do to make the whole process run more smoothly and result in higher quality content…


The Guidelines

For all  website content, there are a few basic guidelines to follow. Whether it is a product description or … Continue Reading

Using Facebook for your Business

Now that Facebook has become almost ubiquitous in our society, it is not only silly but potentially harmful to not use it for your business. With over 750 million active users and growing, Facebook is second only to Google as the most popular website in the world. Simply put: never underestimate the importance of Social Media Marketing. These days if you don’t exist on Facebook you almost don’t exist.

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a facebook profile. Perhaps you use it every day, or maybe you only visit a few times a month, but you’re probably … Continue Reading

Q & A with Bob: Email Server Transfer

We recently had a client ask about transferring email to our servers. The question was:

“We want their email to transfer to your server. We also want the transfer to be a seamless so they do not lose any email. Can this be done, and if so, how?”

Bob’s answer was full of important email hosting information, and we’d like to share this information with you:

Point your Domain:

If a client is having a new website created and they have an existing website hosted somewhere with email, the easiest thing for them to do is to point their domain nameservers to NS3.ProFusionWebsites.com and … Continue Reading

Social Media Marketing: Simple Steps, Big Results!

Social Media Marketing may seem like an impossible area to master due to the very nature of social media – it’s entirely user-driven content which has the ability to spread like wildfire, or to disappear into the dark depths of Internet obscurity. While it can be frustrating trying to control your social media marketing, it is undeniable that this aspect of marketing cannot be ignored – it must simply be done better. This can be done by harnessing the potential of the “Like” and “Share” features of Facebook.


To “Like” something on Facebook seems pretty simple; if someone is interested in … Continue Reading

Adding social media icons to Hotmail Signature

Adding social media icons to Hotmail Signature
Hotmail is a little trickier than the other signature files. Follow these step-by-step instructions to add a facebook, twitter and LinkedIn icon to your hotmail email signature.

1. Login to Hotmail

2. From the upper right hand corner click on the drop down arrow next to your account name

3. Click on Options

4. Then click on the mail tab on the left hand side

5. Under “Writing Email” click on Message Font and Signature

6. In the Personal Signature box, follow these instructions.

  1. Change the editor type from “Rich Text” to “Edit in HTML” from the drop down on the … Continue Reading

Why Use Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are pretty much what they sound like; they’re longer, more specific keywords which pertain more strongly to your business than other more general – and perhaps more frequently used – searches. Essentially, the usefulness of long tail keywords lies in the specificity of the keywords which greatly increases the chances of traffic actually going to your site and becoming a customer.

This isn’t about getting your site to show up on a vast number of generalized searches; it’s about being found for searches which are likely to actually bring you business. If you’re trying to get traffic to … Continue Reading