Adding social media icons to Hotmail Signature

Adding social media icons to Hotmail Signature
Hotmail is a little trickier than the other signature files. Follow these step-by-step instructions to add a facebook, twitter and LinkedIn icon to your hotmail email signature.

1. Login to Hotmail

2. From the upper right hand corner click on the drop down arrow next to your account name

3. Click on Options

4. Then click on the mail tab on the left hand side

5. Under “Writing Email” click on Message Font and Signature

6. In the Personal Signature box, follow these instructions.

  1. Change the editor type from “Rich Text” to “Edit in HTML” from the drop down on the right hand side. If there is text in the editor, go ahead and clear it out at this point so you are starting with a blank slate.
  2. Type in your name and contact information – the font will not look like the one you selected above, and that is ok. When you are done typing and adding in the icons, you can change from HTML to text mode and change the fonts if you want.
  3. Place the cursor below the contact information where you want the icons to appear.
    1. Facebook – For the Facebook Icon, type in the code from the image below. Sorry you can’t copy and paste it, if you need to copy and paste – download the PDF of these instructions and copy the code from the PDF.
    2. Twitter: For the Twitter Icon, type in the code from the image below.
    3. LinkedIn:  For the LinedIn Icon, type in the code from the image below.

Note: Due to WordPress thinking it’s smarter than me, you have to download the pdf: Adding social media icons to Hotmail Signature if you want to actually copy and paste the code. If you don’t mind retyping it, just type carefully the code you see above..

Note (again): the icons may have a blue or purple line around them. I have tested this and the lines show up in your signature when you send an email, but the email recipient does not see these lines. Please also remember to change the page URLs for each of the accounts. You’ll want to put in your actual facebook account URL into the code.

When you are done entering in the information, it should look something like this…

7. You can now use the drop down to switch back from HTML mode to Rich Text Mode to see the work you just did and format the text to look the way you want it to. You may have to enter in line breaks now.

8. Then click save. The next time you send an email, this signature will appear!

4 thoughts on “Adding social media icons to Hotmail Signature

  1. kate

    Thank you this was so useful and it worked first time!! Was having great difficulty until I found your post.

  2. Lena

    This was really useful! I have never used HTML and I managed to make it work. Could you show me how to do this for Instagram and YouTube too? Would you know how to add a MailChimp sign up form to an email signature too? Thanks!

  3. Sonia

    Thanks for showing step by step on how to add these icons. Is there a way to do it for other icons? need it for hipages and true local

  4. Mandy

    Fantastic! I have tried several ways but this actualy worked!! Now trying to add instagram and google+ too… Can you help?

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