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Twitter Branding – Forced compliance?

Most people would recognize the icons above. Most associate the cute little bird and the lowercase blue “t” with Twitter. For a company that has done little advertising the world seems to know and recognize the Twitter brand; even when it is contorted, stretched or incorporated into another image. Part of the fun with Twitter is that you can add your own personality. Your twitter feed is about you and your reactions to the world. Well, Twitter is finally starting to reign in the creativity when it comes to their logo use. I received the following email this morning:

You may have noticed that our marks have changed.  It seems that you are using an outdated version of the Twitter marks.   Please update using the guidelines and images available at

If you have any questions about the use of the Twitter brand or trademarks, please let us know at”

A couple thoughts went through my head when I read this email; the first was good luck. If you do a Google Image search for Twitter Icon, you’ll get 428,000,000 search results. All different takes on the Twitter logo that both professional and novice designers have created for personal or business use. Forcing compliance on 300 Million + users will be a full time gig for an entire department at Twitter. Becuase I happen to like using the lowercase “t” instead of the bird to promote our twitter account (@nsna or @pcvalentine for those interested) I inquired as to what the consequences would be if we decided not to update the Twitter logo across our websites, email signatures and blogs. The response I got only indicated that the update was “mandatory”.

I get that Twitter is trying to enforce their brand. I am sure for consistency and legal purposes it makes sense for them to do so. How can they battle someone in court over copyright infringement if they haven’t attempted to force compliance? So I get it Twitter, and I will (reluctantly) update our icons, as for the other trillion websites… good luck.

If you need the updated Twitter icon to use in your email signature or on your website, we have provided them here for you to download. Get the latest Twitter icon.

Every Social Media Icon You’ll Ever Need

Since we started posting directions on how to add social media icons to various email client signatures, we’ve been getting request to post icons for other social media outlets.

So here it is! Just about every social media icon you could ever want!

Note: Type in the code from the image below. Sorry you can’t copy and paste it. The code should be all on one line. Line breaks in the images are arbitrary due to the size of the page.

If you need to copy and paste – download the PDF to copy the code.