Family owned and operated

I was listening to talk radio yesterday morning (like I do every morning) and heard 2 separate ads that made all the standard claims “best quality, lowest price, etc.” but then they both ended with “Family owned and operated for XX years.”.

I wondered if anyone cared about this anymore? If all things were equal and you were making a purchase, would you opt to go with the product that was manufactured by the Family Owned and Operated Company? Does family owned and operated somehow equate to good service and tangible value? I’m not sure it does.

I think the 5 seconds wasted on saying “family owned and operated” could have been better spent on making an actual claim on why you are better/different from your competition. Lean economic times means business owners need to get smarter and their advertising messages need to hit their consumer right in the pain points. Telling me that you are family owned and operated does not help me make a buying decision.

If you disagree with me, and doing business with a family owned and operated company is #1 on your list, then you will be happy to know that Net Solutions is a family owned and operated business. 🙂