How To Use The Project Management System

Last week I discussed Communication, Why is it so hard? ; we analyzed a few very important items that all of your PMS posts should include. This week we are going to look into enhancing your PMS posts to emphasize important features.

Net Solutions North America makes every effort to allow you contact with our Developers and Graphic Artists. This allows you greater control and input in the Website Design and Creation.

Providing unedited & unapproved control to our clients is a double edged sword. While it is quick and efficient to get changes made to your site, it also has the potential to overwhelm our lead developers with hundreds of emails every day. With that in mind I have created a few tips and tricks to organizing your posts more effectively to produce a more readable post.

Below is a summary of my favorite tips and tricks. You can use these symbols around your word/sentences to add emphasis to the post.

Here are a few more tips/tricks to enhance your posts:
1. When creating a new thread there is a link: “Message body: (Show extended message body)” below the Title and the Category. By clicking on this link you are able to create a two part post. The upper section should be a summary of what you require, the lower section can then be used to cut and paste an email correspondence, or a summary of an IM thread, or other information that should be posted for reference but does not necessarily require the reader to process immediately.

2. On the right hand side of the PMS, is a link to “formatting guide” this will change the layout of the PMS screen to show formatting guidelines for your PMS post. This can be used as a reminder of what you can do to enhance your posts.

3. Stay current on your projects status by subscribing to the project RSS feed. If you go to the overview section of the project. In the upper right hand corner is a link to the personal RSS feed for this project.

4. Change the color of the text in your post. Do this by starting your sentence with “%{color:red}”then place your text here and finish with a “%” symbol.
Example: %{color:red}Blog’s are Wonderful!%

Remember, not every post needs to be bold and colored red, but the occasional word or sentence will add emphasis to what you are trying to accomplish.

Tune in Next Week for Shane’s Update on Organic Search Engine Optimization

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