Is “Live” phone support the next big thing?

NSNA CEO Bob Reynolds and I recently traveled to Nashville to take part in the CPrint Sales Summit. (Read the Press Release) We were pitching our ProFusion Dealer Program to these CPrinters which would essentially allow them to sell a technical product (websites, hosting, email marketing, etc.) to a non-technical audience. The printing industry has been hurting over the past several years with more and more companies opting not to print brochures and with more of them moving items they would traditionally print, to the web. So we saw the print industry as a natural fit to be resellers of our Web Services. 90% of them have graphic artists in house which makes them well suited to sell the ProFusion line of products.

So we went to Nashville, we made our pitch, and now we are in the follow up stage. We do have some competition in this marketplace. A little company called Adobe has a product that they call “Business Catalyst”. They were also at the Summit pitching their reseller program to the CPrinters. After speaking directly with over 50 of the CPrinters, and outlining all the Pros and Cons of both programs, it appears that the biggest difference between the two products in the resellers minds is that we (ProFusion) offer telephone support, while Adobe does not. Now trust me, there are many other major differences between the two applications, however, this seems to be the biggest pain point with the resellers. They want to know that if they have a problem or needs some sales advice that we are just a phone call away. Seems simple enough, but phone support is one place that a lot of companies cut out when their budget gets tight.

I was doing a little research to see if phone support was a big deal in other industries and came across this website It is a site dedicated to telling consumers how to reach a live person when calling some of the major corporations out there. I think this is awesome. 🙂 If a little company like Net Solutions can provide phone support for their customers, why can’t the big guys? Furthermore, why do we tolerate the big companies not having phone support? My customers would raise hell if I said that we are operating on email support only, however, the larger corporations get away with it all the time.

That’s my rant for the day. Call me if you want to discuss it 🙂 360.738.8188