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Bob Reynolds – CEO of Net Solutions
Bob has more than 30 years experience developing businesses by creating and implementing effective sales and marketing operational strategies. His experience in helping companies spans from retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service and the consulting sectors.
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Patrice Valentine – President of Net Solutions
Patrice has over 10 years experience in sales, marketing, business development, and project management. Coupled with excellent interpersonal development and creative problem solving skills Patrice manages the Bellingham office and oversees all local sales.
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Peg Emmons – CFO of Net Solutions
Peg has over 30 years experience in office administration, sales, marketing and business development. A specialty of Peg’s is to establish the processes and programs for new businesses and she has been the office administrator for several successful start – up companies. Her duties at Net Solutions consist of being in charge of the financial department of the business, project management and marketing in the Seattle area. Peg is a natural bookkeeper because she actually likes both spending and receiving money.
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Nate Quinn – Product Manager
Nate has over 15 years of varied experience ranging from printer sales, designing industrial feed forward controls, to working on various stages in the Systems Development Life Cycle. He now specializes in Product Development, developing enterprise level business and custom applications. After graduating with a degree in electronics, Nate was initially attracted by the glamorous world of marketing, actually more attracted by all those sales promos and partying.
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