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Great Custom 404 Page

Every once in a while we come across something a little unexpected. This 404 page certainly fits into that category. Thanks to Peg for finding this page http://www.racetothesky.org/pagetool/?name=index

This is great for 2 reasons. First, they have a sense of humor. That is always a good thing. Second, they created a custom 404 error page instead of putting up the same ugly old 404 error page you see in your browser. A custom 404 error page definitely creates a better user experience for your web visitors in case they come across a broken link. Obviously, the first choice is to just not have bad links on your site, but if you have made some changes on your site and you think that some page names may have changed which resulted in a broken link, definitely put up a custom 404 page with a link to your sitemap. Way better user experience this way.

All of our sites on the ProFusion Ultra IS website application have editable 404 error pages. So it matches the look and feel of your site and gives you the opportunity to keep the visitor on your site should they encounter a bad link.