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Using Twitter and Facebook Icons in my Email Signature

Update: Here’s a link to a handy video Patrice made showing how to do this in Outlook: http://www.viddler.com/explore/ProFusionDemos/videos/16/ Net Solutions Facebook Page

I frequently get asked how to put the little Twitter and Facebook icons into an email signature with links back to their respective accounts. If you are using Outlook 2007, here are some basic instructions for how you can add these icons to your signature.



  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Click on Options
  4. From the tabs, click on “Mail Format”
  5. Click on Signatures
  6. Click on the New Button
  7. Give your signature a name (Company name will do)
  8. Then in the Edit Signature section, type out everything you want included in the signature. My signature has my name, title, logo, address, phone, email, web address and Twitter/Facebook icons.
  9. To add the images to your signature (we have attached the Facebook/Twitter icons to this post for you to save and use in your own signature) click on the “picture” icon (which is the 2nd icon from the right)
  10. After you click on Picture, a browse wizard will pop-up and will allow you to browse your hard drive and add your twitter/Facebook icons to the signature.
  11. Once you have the images in the signature, click on one of the images to highlight it. Then click on the “hyperlink” button (it should be the last button on the right)
  12. In the address field at the bottom of the hyperlink window, type in your Twitter or Facebook address (depending on which image you are linking)
  13. Click ok
  14. Repeat that until you have all your images linked to the right web addresses.

It takes a few steps to get all the icons loaded in the way you want, however, not having to type in your signature each and every time will save you lots of time and save your recipients time if they are trying to look up your contact information. Promoting your Facebook Fan Page or Twitter Account in a signature is a great way to get your Social Media efforts in front of everyone that you touch base with via email. Net Solutions Twitter PageThese icons can also be added to your website. Just reduce the size to 30 pixels x 30 pixels and then add them to any page on your site. We added them to the vertical column section on the Net Solutions site. If you are using the ProFusion Ultra Internet Solution as your website provider, you can see how to do this by watching our Introductory Webinar. Click to Download Social Media Icons If you’d like to host the twitter and facebook icons on our blog and link them into your site, use the URLs in below in your signature: Twitter: https://www.snoitulosten.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/twitter-small.jpg Facebook: https://www.snoitulosten.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/facebook-small.jpg Here is the corresponding video to this instruction set:

Workplace Email Etiquette

There is no doubt that email has greatly improved communication in almost all aspects of our lives. My husband and I keep track of our children and appointments with emails, my staff corresponds with clients and each other via email on a daily basis, and we know that many people are using email as a way to try and get their foot in the door. As important as an email can be, it still astonishes me at how lazy, unprofessional and completely unnecessary some emails can be. I sit on three different boards and numerous sub-committees and I try to teach all of them some basic email etiquette.

The basic workplace email etiquette rules are:

  1. Be clear and concise – try not to make an email longer than it needs to be. Add as much detail as the email requires (see #2), however, try to avoid long winded situations. There are some instances where just picking up the phone would be a lot easier then typing out a 5 page email. Make it easy on yourself and on the person who is receiving the email.
  2. Answer all questions – one of my biggest pet peeves is receiving a partially complete email from someone. If you do not answer all of the questions asked in an original email, you are just prompting further emails which will waste your time and the recipients time. A great example of this is when people email me about what credit cards we accept. I could reply with just the names of the credit cards, however, naming the credit cards and telling them how to go about making a payment answers their initial question and probably the question they would have asked next.
  3. Spell check and read aloud if necessary – spell check cannot fix grammatical errors. If you are sending an email to someone, please re-read it before hitting send. A friend of mine received an email stating “I look forward to spanking with you again”. Ouch. Luckily she has a good sense of humor, but not everyone will. Also, try to avoid using acronyms and short hand. It really is not that hard to type out you instead of “u” or okay instead of “k” and it makes you appear a thousand times more professional.
  4. Watch who you are replying and sending to – I sit on many boards who use distribution lists or email aliases as a way to communicate with a larger group of people through a single email point. For example, I can send an email to board@xyzassociation.com and it will be forwarded on to all the board members for that group. There are times when it is appropriate to send a message to the entire board, however, 9 times out of 10 the email could have just been sent to those people immediately affected by the message. Along these same lines, only use reply all when it is totally necessary for everyone to see the message. Remember, we all get too many emails as it is. A reply all could be completely unnecessary.

Implementing these rules will make your emails more professional and efficient and more likely to get read. If I consistently receive emails of this caliber from an individual, they are way more likely to get read and responded to.

What makes a great email signature?

Email signatures are a direct representation of both you and your company. If you are a loose light hearted company it may be best to reflect that with an image or a funny quote. However, most businesses reside in the realm of relaxed professional; as such we have the following guidelines for your signatures. Continue reading

Get in Front of Your Customers At The Right Time With The Right Information

If you’re new to email marketing, or not using it at all, you’re probably wondering, “Why use a professional email marketing tool such as ProFusion Mailer? I can just CC all of my customers or contacts using Outlook.” It’s easy to run into issues when you try and send out big blocks of emails like that.

Here is a list of 6 reasons why an email marketing program like ProFusion Mailer works better than Outlook every time.

1. Each email you send has the possibility of not reaching your intended recipient. Instead, it could get trapped in the spam or junk mail folder. Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) block bulk emails, like those sent using Outlook and the CC approach, because they assume its spam. So, as your list grows, you need a program that’s built for email marketing, one that shows ISP’s that you are legitimate.

2. You want to tailor your email marketing with the look and feel of your Website. With the ProFusion Mailer you can use a template that connects with the look and feel of your site.

3. Email list management is key, it should be automated and EASY. If 15 people subscribed, 3 unsubscribed and 2 changed emails today how are you going to keep track of all that and run your business?

4. Being in front of the customer at the right time is far more valuable than frequent phone calls. With email marketing, you can track who opens and clicks on what, and where they go after they click; providing valuable insight into your customers likes and dislikes. These tracking features allow you to get creative with your email marketing campaigns; create polls, deliver reports, set up scheduled sending and auto-responders to make email marketing easy for you.

5. Like a marriage, which changes over time, so will your relationship with your customers change with time. Email marketers can tailor their message based on their relationship with customers sending different messages to newer clients and prospects. Personalizing your email messages with custom fields such as first names can increase your open rate by up to 650%.

6. You want to set expectations with new subscribers fast. When you have a new subscriber, wouldn’t it be great if they automatically received a response from you, saying thanks and offering options? Auto responders can be the email marketers’ magic trick.

With just a little work and planning ,you will quickly find that email marketing becomes your most effective and least expensive form of advertising.

More Email – junk or news?

For the past 2 months, I have really noticed an increase in email. A lot of the new stuff coming is in the form of e-newsletters. I guess people have finally figured out that emailing a newsletter is cheaper and faster than printing and mailing a newsletter and is definitely more effective than not doing one at all.

How to add Smartermail Pop3 to Outlook 2007

1. Open Outlook
2. From tools, click on Account Settings and you will get a screen that looks like this:
Step #2

3. Click on New
4. Select Microsoft Exchange/SMTP/POP 3 and click next
5. Type in your name, email address and password. Be sure to check the box that says “Manually Configure server settings” at the bottom as shown below, then click next.
Step 5 - Enter your details

6. Click on Internet E-Mail and click next
7. The fill out the following information on the next screen:
Step 7 - Insert Details

8. Your incoming and outgoing mail servers are the same.
9. Then click on More Settings… and click on the outgoing server tab
Final Step

10. Check the box that says “my outgoing server requires authentication”
11. Then click ok.
12. Then click test account settings.
13. You should get 2 green check marks. If you don’t go back and make sure you have spelled everything correctly.