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A Favicon Shows You Care!

A Favicon (short for “favorites icon”) is a small 16×16 square icon that displays to the left of your URL in the internet browser window. Favicons are an important part of branding your website. A Favicon helps visually identify your site to new and returning users, and contributes to a sophisticated, professional look. A Favicon will also make your page stand out in a cluttered “favorites” folder. Your logo used as a Favicon will quickly become synonymous with your product.

The Favicon feature was developed by Microsoft and became a part of Internet Explorer from version 5.0 onward. Other browsers quickly followed, and all modern browsers should support this feature. As you can see in the graphic below, visitors who use modern tabbed browsing see your Favicon in the tab. Every page, including sub-pages and blog entries, shows the Favicon in the address bar. Internet Explorer does automatically use a generic icon which to a savvy Websurfer can look a bit negligent such as a title bar that says “Page Title” if it is not replaced with your own image. With a distinctive Favicon, pages from your site will stand out easily from other sites.

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