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Why Use Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are pretty much what they sound like; they’re longer, more specific keywords which pertain more strongly to your business than other more general – and perhaps more frequently used – searches. Essentially, the usefulness of long tail keywords lies in the specificity of the keywords which greatly increases the chances of traffic actually going to your site and becoming a customer.

This isn’t about getting your site to show up on a vast number of generalized searches; it’s about being found for searches which are likely to actually bring you business. If you’re trying to get traffic to a small, local, or super-specific site, these types of keywords are essential. When you’re part of a specific niche market, even if someone manages to find your site with a general search, it’s much less likely that they’re searching for exactly what your website does. In these types of situations, optimizing only for general search terms wastes both your and your potential customers’ time.

The simple truth is that sites like Amazon.com are always going to snap up the majority of super general searches. Long tail keywords are all about being found for what your site really is and does. If your website is optimized for this keyword, you’re basically guaranteed a website visit an an increased chance of customer conversion.

Let’s look at an example. Say you’re a potential customer trying to figure out where to eat in an unfamiliar city. You could search for “burger restaurant” and receive a few million search results, the first few pages of which will be filled with mega-chains like Red Robbin, McDonalds, and the like. People will often start with more generalized searches and refine them if they don’t find satisfactory results, especially if they’re doing research on the options available to them. This is where those additional details become critical, if you’re looking for a specific product or service, you won’t find applicable sites unless this criteria is reflected in the site’s keywords.

Now, unless you were searching for a massive worldwide burger chain, most search-engine-savvy people will automatically refine their search by adding specific details about what they’re looking for until it looks something like “local burger restaurant in Bellingham, WA”. This long tail keyword search will show nothing but locally owned burger joints in one specific city, filtering out the big chains entirely. This is crucial, especially if your website shows up on the first page of results, because you’ve got about a 1 in 10 chance that the searching person is about to come to your restaurant.

As a last note, it’s important to remember that, as useful as long tail keywords can be, they’re only as good as the content they describe. You can bring in all the potential customers you want with specific keywords, but unless your site actually has the information the customer requires, nothing is going to be able to increase your customer conversion. Great content is, in the long run, vastly more important to the success of a website than any SEO.

2009 List of Spam Keywords

When email marketing it would be nice to know what keywords should be avoided. Below is a list of 300 keywords and phrases that are often restricted by email spam filters. Avoiding these keywords will help your email marketing message to be delivered. We also suggest that you try to follow email marketing best practices.

The ProFusion Mailer has an excellent built in spam filtering tool that reviews your email blast for spam keywords prior to you sending. It also rates each keyword on a scale so you know which words are increasing your spam rating.

Note: We left out most adult spam keywords and phrases to ensure our list is suitable for all audiences.

2009 Spam Keywords & Phrases

! and $
! and free
,000 and !! and $
100% satisfied
accept credit cards
act now! don’t hesitate!
additional income
addresses on cd
adult s
adult web
adults only
all natural
apply online
as seen on
auto email removal
avoid bankruptcy
be 18
be amazed
be your own boss
being a member
big bucks
bill 1618
billing address
billion dollars
brand new pager
bulk email
buy direct
buying judgments
cable converter
call free
call now
calling creditors
cancel at any time
cannot be combined with any other offer
can’t live without
cards accepted
cash bonus
cell phone cancer scam
cents on the dollar
check or money order
claims not to be selling anything
claims to be in accordance with some spam law
claims to be legal
claims you are a winner
claims you registered with some kind of partner
click below
click here link
click to remove
click to remove mailto
compare rates
compete for your business
confidentially on all orders
consolidate debt and credit
copy accurately
copy dvds
credit bureaus
credit card offers
cures baldness
dear email
dear friend
dear somebody
different reply to
dig up dirt on friends
direct email
direct marketing
discusses search engine listings
do it today
don’t delete
drastically reduced
earn per week
easy terms
eliminate bad credit
email harvest
email marketing
expect to earn
extra income
fantastic deal
fast viagra delivery
financial freedom
find out anything
for free
for free!
for free?
for instant access
for just $ (some amt)
free access
free cell phone
free consultation
free dvd
free grant money
free hosting
free installation
free investment
free leads
free membership
free money
free offer
free preview
free priority mail
free quote
free sample
free trial
free website
full refund
get it now
get paid
get started now
gift certificate
great offer
guarantee and
have you been turned down?
hidden assets
home employment
human growth hormone
if only it were that easy
in accordance with laws
increase sales
increase traffic
investment decision
it’s effective
join millions of americans
laser printer
limited time only
long distance phone offer
lose weight spam
lower interest rates
lower monthly payment
lowest price
luxury car
mail in order form
marketing solutions
mass email
meet singles
member stuff
message contains disclaimer
money back
money back
money making
money-back guarantee
month trial offer
more info and visit and $
more internet traffic
mortgage rates
multi level marketing
must be 18
must be 21
name brand
new customers only
new domain extensions
no age restrictions
no catch
no claim forms
no cost
no credit check
no disappointment
no experience
no fees
no gimmick
no inventory
no investment
no medical exams
no middleman
no obligation
no purchase necessary
no questions asked
no selling
no strings attached
not intended
off shore
offer expires
offers coupon
offers extra cash
offers free (often stolen) passwords
once in lifetime
one hundred percent free
one hundred percent guaranteed
one time mailing
one-time mail
online biz opportunity
online pharmacy
only $
opt in
order now
order now!
order status
order today
orders shipped by priority mail
outstanding values
over 18
over 21
pennies a day
people just leave money laying around
please read
potential earnings
print form signature
print out and fax
produced and sent out
promise you …!
pure profit
real thing
refinance home
removal instructions
remove in quotes
remove subject
removes wrinkles
reply remove subject
requires initial investment
reserves the right
reverses aging
risk free
round the world
s 1618
safeguard notice
satisfaction guaranteed
save $
save big money
save up to
score with babes
section 301
see for yourself
sent in compliance
serious cash
serious only
shopping spree
sign up free today
social security number
special promotion
stainless steel
stock alert
stock disclaimer statement
stock pick
stop snoring
strong buy
stuff on sale
subject to credit
supplies are limited
take action now
talks about hidden charges
talks about prizes
tells you it’s an ad
terms and conditions
the best rates
the following form
they keep your money — no refund!
they’re just giving it away
this isn’t junk
this isn’t spam
university diplomas
unsecured credit/debt
us dollars
vacation offers
viagra and other drugs
wants credit card
we hate spam
we honor all
weekend getaway
what are you waiting for?
while supplies last
while you sleep
who really wins?
why pay more?
will not believe your eyes
work at home
you have been selected
your income

Google Ignores Keyword Meta Tag

Google has made it official that the keyword meta tag is not used in their search engine ranking algorithm.

Here is a short video by Matt Cutts on September 21, 2009 making it official.

In my opinion, the keyword meta tag should still be used to help track the words you are trying to promote on that page. It is a valuable reminder of what the goals are for the page. In addition, other search engines and spiders review the keyword tag.

My main concern for Google comes from people who fill the keyword meta tag with 50 keywords and keep them the same on every page of the website. This certainly does not help, and more than likely raises a flag to search engines indicating a potential spam site. So, if you use this field be sure to use it as designed, for a few keyword relevant to that exact page.

Best Practice for Keyword Meta Tag: Leave it blank, or make it unique to that page only including the 2-5 phrases used to optimize that page.