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Don’t forget to LISTEN

Do Not Forget to ListenOne of the most important things to do when you’re speaking with a client is to really listen to them. Thinking about what you’re going to say when they are done speaking is a common problem and one that can get you into trouble and can also lose the client and ruin a relationship.

Don’t assume anything, you don’t know their bank account balance or their budget, so don’t assume they can’t afford much because they have holes in their jeans or old cowboy boots on. (I’m speaking from experience!)

When it comes to web design assuming that the client has your taste in design and only sending them designs that YOU like will more than likely bite you in the butt if you haven’t taken the time to listen to what they want or learn their story. Think about what you learn as well when you listen to a client’s story – you may walk away with a golden nugget.

Thinking that a person has nothing important to say and not listening to them is not also only a huge mistake but rude and it’s easy for the person speaking to tell that you’re not paying attention.

Focus on the person speaking and listen to what they are saying – you can show the person you’re paying attention by keeping your eyes on them and keeping open body language. Lean forward a bit and don’t cross your arms or legs. Let them finish their speaking before you begin to speak.

I’m not saying anything new here – it’s just common sense and sometimes we forget that we aren’t the most important person in our client’s lives and we need to give them space and time and respect. They will return the favor!