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SEO Myths

What are Myths? One theory claims that myths are distorted accounts of real historical events. Storytellers repeatedly elaborated upon historical accounts until they become distorted. One of the foremost functions of a myth is to establish models for behavior. In the SEO world, this very definition lays the foundation for the birth of SEO Myths.

Search engines and the “Logic” that runs them – search algorithms, constantly change and “evolve”. They do (and have to do) this, to keep up with the ever changing standards of the World Wide Web and also to stay ahead of black hat SEO techniques. Hence, what “makes perfect SEO sense” today, something that worked last year, last month, or even last week may no longer yield  results after some time as the search engine algorithms will most likely have changed.

SEO Myths are the modern day extensions to historical myths. Some are born when today’s storytellers – SEO Webmasters and SEO Gurus, blog about SEO Best practices which are recommendations applicable to a specific time frame and the people who read and follow these blog articles, try to apply the techniques long after they are outdated.  Other SEO Myths are knowingly and willingly propagated by certain SEO firms.  These firms do not want any person or company that owns a website to optimize it themselves as this would mean that these professional SEO firms would eventually run out of business. But a majority of SEO myths are, quite simply put, misunderstood or outdated SEO techniques. The clueless and pseudo experts often spread their misinformation to other unsuspecting newbies on forums and blogs, which in turn creates new SEO myths.

How do we tell which SEO techniques are still valid from those that are outdated? And which ones are the “latest”? Is there a real “expiry date” for every SEO technique discussed in the web?

Well, one way to find out is to keep up with the ever changing SEO world. Read as much as possible, ask the experts – the SEO MythBusters, validate your facts. Search for and read about SEO myths and outdated SEO tricks and techniques.  And most importantly follow your intuition, do not believe every blog post you read on SEO as assumption is parent to all failures. You would be surprised at the number of SEO myths, misinformation and outdated techniques that exist out there that are being followed.  It is interesting and sometimes plain funny, to see how people are so willing to believe anything they have read or heard without ever checking it out for themselves.

Or you could hire professional SEO services.