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Find the Perfect Domain Name for Search Engine Optimization

How to find the perfect domain name for SEO

Selecting a domain name is one of the most important pieces of building a website, yet most people skip right over it selecting their business name, or the first domain that comes along. While that method can be successful, taking a few minutes to do some research can go a long way towards finding the perfect domain name for your website. By following the steps below, you will find a great domain name, but also a domain name that can actually generate results in the search engines.

Follow the steps below to get the ideal domain name for your business and for search engine optimization.

  1. Consider someone who is searching for your business or service via a search engine. What words are they most likely to use to find you? For the sake of this exercise, assume they do not know your business name.
  2. Take that keyword/phrase and type it into Google’s Free Keyword tool, and allow synonyms which are a checkbox below where you type in your keyword. Now click the “Get keyword ideas” button.
  3. Once the results are generated, scroll down and use the download all keywords via CSV (for excel) option.
  4. Open the results, and sort by “Global Monthly Search Volume” to get the keywords with the largest search results at the top.
  5. Once this is sorted, copy all the values in the keywords column that have at least 200 global searches.
  6. Paste the results into Notepad, and do a find/replace for spaces. Remove all the spaces in between the keywords. For example, if you had the keyword “big blue widgets” once the space removal is done it would look like “bigbluewidgets”
  7. Now go to Go Daddy’s Bulk Registration Tool, and enter the phrases you have remaining.
  8. I would recommend you select only .com domains as options. However, .net would also be an acceptable option. Now click the search button.
  9. Go Daddy will produce a bunch of errors at the top for any domain that is already taken. If you scroll down, what will be left in the input box are the remaining domains that are available.
  10. I copy and paste this list into excel or notepad for easy comparison. If you find a domain name that works for you then go ahead and purchase it. If you find more than one option that works for your business, go back to the list Google generated and select the one that has the highest global search volume.
  11. Happy hunting! We look forward to seeing your business at the top of the search engine rankings.