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Find the Perfect Domain Name for Search Engine Optimization

How to find the perfect domain name for SEO

Selecting a domain name is one of the most important pieces of building a website, yet most people skip right over it selecting their business name, or the first domain that comes along. While that method can be successful, taking a few minutes to do some research can go a long way towards finding the perfect domain name for your website. By following the steps below, you will find a great domain name, but also a domain name that can actually generate results in the search engines.

Follow the steps below to get the ideal domain name for your business and for search engine optimization.

  1. Consider someone who is searching for your business or service via a search engine. What words are they most likely to use to find you? For the sake of this exercise, assume they do not know your business name.
  2. Take that keyword/phrase and type it into Google’s Free Keyword tool, and allow synonyms which are a checkbox below where you type in your keyword. Now click the “Get keyword ideas” button.
  3. Once the results are generated, scroll down and use the download all keywords via CSV (for excel) option.
  4. Open the results, and sort by “Global Monthly Search Volume” to get the keywords with the largest search results at the top.
  5. Once this is sorted, copy all the values in the keywords column that have at least 200 global searches.
  6. Paste the results into Notepad, and do a find/replace for spaces. Remove all the spaces in between the keywords. For example, if you had the keyword “big blue widgets” once the space removal is done it would look like “bigbluewidgets”
  7. Now go to Go Daddy’s Bulk Registration Tool, and enter the phrases you have remaining.
  8. I would recommend you select only .com domains as options. However, .net would also be an acceptable option. Now click the search button.
  9. Go Daddy will produce a bunch of errors at the top for any domain that is already taken. If you scroll down, what will be left in the input box are the remaining domains that are available.
  10. I copy and paste this list into excel or notepad for easy comparison. If you find a domain name that works for you then go ahead and purchase it. If you find more than one option that works for your business, go back to the list Google generated and select the one that has the highest global search volume.
  11. Happy hunting! We look forward to seeing your business at the top of the search engine rankings.

I’ve been in business since 1432 BC at the same location why do I need a website?

I get asked questions like this all the time. The simple answer is: “Maybe you don’t.” If you are comfortable doing what you are doing and your business is meeting it’s growth projections, you may not. But, consider this; if you are not growing or you are tired of advertising that is becoming less and less productive and more and more expensive, then a website is your most effective least expensive marketing vehicle next to a business card.

Let’s face it. If you do not have a business card and a business phone today. How serious are you really, about being in business? A business card facilitates someone getting in touch with you after a meeting.

There is no substitute for just getting out and meeting the people. Face-to-face customer interaction has been and will always be the best way to win new clients. I still have business cards from people I have met at networking events from years ago. And I can remember what most of the people who gave me their cards look like and what the company does. And if I ever need their services I will call them.

But next to talking to people and handing them a way to contact you in the future, a website is by far the most effective marketing tool available. They are low cost. You can have a very effective, very attractive web sites today for less than the price of a soft drink and way less than the cost of a latte a day.

When was the last time your refreshment brought you any business? But your website can. And it will work tirelessly for you 24/7. Unlike any other marketing vehicle, you can tell someone everything that they need to know to learn how to buy what you sell with a website. Can’t do that on a 30 second spot on the radio or TV. Can’t afford to do it in a phone book or newspaper ad either. But whether you say a little or a lot, a website costs the same. So let your website tell volumes about what it is you do. Why you are better. How to buy what you sell. How to tell the difference between you and your competitors. And most importantly why you are the better value. Not the cheapest. People do not want the cheapest things they can buy. They want the best VALUE. If everything is the same then the way to differentiate is price. But rarely are all things the same. Not even with car dealers who sell exactly the same products with the same options in the same color. No two dealerships are the same. Price is not the only factor.

Next time, I’ll talk a bit about why educating your prospects about how to buy what you sell is so important. And why if you do it you will benefit thanks to the laws of reciprocity.

Till next time, good luck and prosperity.

Writing Content for your Website

Writing content for your own website is one of the most under rated activities in website design and development. Most people spend hours working on the perfect design and getting it laid out properly. They spend hours finding the perfect hosting environment, the right domain name, and the perfect logo. Then, when it comes to writing the website content, they either don’t put any effort into it, or they simply put up their contact information and an under construction message. Below are some hints/methods to writing website content. The most important thing to remember is when using ProFusion Products you can always edit your content hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Using our content management system you are your own web master and control your own content. Thus you can put up your rough draft of the content today, then come back and edit it again a week later.

Website Content Requirements

Content is valuable for search engines only if it is also valuable for the end user. We consider a page to have valuable content when it meets three criteria. The content must be unique, related to the website, and finally overall volume of text. Without all three, your content will not be as important to search engines or your end user.

  1. Unique Content – This means you typed it specifically for this website. This is not a copy and paste of someone else’s work. Quoting a couple lines of someone else’s content is fine, as long as proper credit is given. However, even then you want to only do this when required, not just to fill space.
  2. Related to the Website – This seems very logical, but not everyone follows it. If your website sells posters, you could write on how posters are created, where the art work comes from, or most commonly on the individual posters themselves. You would not want to write about car reviews, just because a poster you sell has that car in it. While the two are related, they are not necessarily in the same relevance or use. The question you should ask yourself before writing content is “If I was telling a friend about my business, would I provide them this information.” If it is of value to a friend then it will be valuable for your clients and the search engines.
  3. Text Volume – Volume is important, we want to make sure each page is at minimum 500 words, but 750-1000 words is better. Some topics even require 5000+ word pages to cover all aspects. Often large topics could be divided into several smaller pages, but if you write on a large topic for a single page ensure it is clearly organized. However, volume created by just writing endless thoughts in an effort to reach the word total is not good either. I would much rather have a clear concise 600 word page, than a rambling 1200 word page.

Web Content Writing Suggestions

When I am facing the task of writing content for a website, I typically make a list of everything I eventually want to have on the website. Once i have that list I perform keyword research to find the best topics/words people are searching for. I can then compare the two, and create an order of importance for my writing that will allow me the most bang for buck/time spent. Another way to approach writing content is to think of a friend that wants to use your service/business. For example, if you owned a resort or vacation property in Hawaii, you would want to consider all the topics someone would be interested in when they go to the island. If that person was going to the island and the only information they would have when arrive is what is currently on your website, and 5 additional essays you had given them to read on the way to the island. Whatever information you would include in those 5 essays would be the most important content you should write first for the website.

Specifics Topic Examples

When you think about your website content, do not just assume people only want the facts related to your business. Often your business is in a niche market that you could write more information about. People often refer to these as white papers, well white papers can also be website content. If we use the previous example of a property owner in Hawaii. They could write a review of all the beaches on the island, both the tourist hot spots and the locals hidden gems. Perhaps they could use a rating scale that orders the beaches from 1-5 stars. They could include address, and directions to that location, along with a few comments and a photo. This type of page may not directly correlate to more business, but it may. The important thing is both the customers that use the property and others would find that page valuable. Once a page like that is built, I would expect people from all over the globe to link to that page as an authority on Hawaii Beaches. That single page could be one of the most valuable for your entire website for building traffic and interest. Summary Try to be creative and think about your industry as a whole, not just your specific business/website needs. The more you think outside the box the more value your clients and the search engines will find in the website