tell me how much you like us…

Soliciting a testimonial from a client can be kind of awkward. We recently went through the process of updating the case studies in our portfolio on our website. Our case studies are laid out so that we tell the reader the situation, the solution, the products used and the success. The success usually consists of a testimonial from a client telling the world how their new and improved website has made their life easier or better.

One client that I wanted to profile was Beau Coats, Attorney At Law. I have never actually met Beau before. I have never needed his services (thank goodness) and he came across my name on a chance encounter. Beau called our office and I happened to be the one to answer the phone that day. We had a brief conversation about his current website, what his frustrations were and what his goals were for a website. I turned out a proposal that same day and a week later Beau had sent me a check to start the project. It took a little less than a month to get the site up and running and now Beau is pretty much on auto-pilot with his site. He makes the updates on it when necessary and tries to attend our webinars when he can. So I was pretty sure that if I asked Beau for a testimonial he would have nice things to say about us. I never dreamed he have wonderful things to say about us. Below is Beau’s testimonial for Net Solutions:

Patrice Valentine is an absolute jewel. Why she accepted me as a client I will never know – but I am forever grateful. When I first contacted Patrice I had just fired my fancy (and expensive) New York City web designer. After nearly two years of development my website was still in the “planning stage.” I was frustrated and skeptical, yet desperate for a web site.

Patrice was very patient and thorough as she walked me through the NSNA process. As the site developed she was bombarded with questions, most of which reflected my complete ignorance. Nonetheless she was always prompt with an answer, crystal-clear in her explanation, and ever diplomatic in her rendering.

When the website was launched I was pleasantly surprised. The site is sophisticated yet easily used. I am delighted at the ease with which I can change the look and content of the site. The entire experience with Patrice and NSNA has been a pleasure. How rare that a company delivers more than it promises. But that is exactly what NSNA did.

Had I never reached out to Beau to see what he thought of us, I would have missed out on this great testimonial which we will be able to use in our marketing efforts.

Obviously this could have been a learning experience in the opposite direction as well. Had I reached out to Beau and found out that he wasn’t so thrilled with us, it would have given me the opportunity to make things right with him. Either way, the learning experience would have been beneficial. Giving your clients the opportunity to tell you about their experience is an invaluable follow up tool. It allows you to reach out to them once again and it opens a dialog that may not have happened had you not reached out.

Lesson learned for me? I’ll be reaching out to more clients to see what they thought of their experience with us. Bad or good, I will have learned something to make myself and my company better in the future.