why most small businesses need a web developer

we were developing a site for a client and were 99% done when they called and said their current site was down. Rather than attempting to contact their current host and/or web developer to get the old site back up, we opted just to take the new site live. When I logged in to their current hosts control panel, I saw this message.

This client is an average small business owner and the message on the screen meant absolutely nothing to him. He didn’t know how to pull a backup of his site or replace the temporary files that the host had placed on his homepage. From this experience he learned a couple of things:

  • 1. Although he wanted to be able to control the content on his site, he did not want to be in charge of hosting his site. Working with a company like Net Solutions who does all the managed hosting, backups, email, etc. gave him great peace of mind.

    2. He didn’t want to be on a shared server where one open source application (Joomla) could take down an entire server.

    3. He wanted a company that he could call and talk to a real, live person. When he attempted to get support on this issue he found they were “experiencing higher than normal call volumes.” He was asked to leave a message and the call would be returned within 5 business days. I don’t know about you, but 5 days is a really long time to have your website be down.

  • If you are attempting to build a do-it-yourself website with an open source application like Joomla, please give us a call first. With our ProFusion Ultra Internet Solution, you get the benefits of a do-it-yourself program without the hassle of having to set up a hosting environment and the worry of hackers taking down your site. While we can’t claim that our proprietary program is 100% unhackable, we do have extraordinary measures in place to make sure that any attack on our server is dealt with in a fast and furious manner. We also do all the backup and technical work for you. So in the event that an attack does penetrate our servers, we are able to quickly and efficiently reinstate your website from a backup. We then go to work on solving where our security measures failed and make sure they are patched as well.

    Delivering peace of mind… that is all part of being everything you need for the web in one place.